Baivic V4+ Titanium LED flashlight
Titanium alloy housing with stonewash or polish version for options.
3*Nichia 219C, neutral white color tint with CRI>90.
Custom Tritium slots for decor.
2200 lumens max output.
5 groups of output selections.
ON/OFF: Click the tail switch to turn on or turn off the flashlight.
Output selection: Tap on the tail switch to go through all output levels and click to select.
Selections switching: Tap on the tail switch 10 times continually and click, the light will be off for few seconds, then it will blink 5 times for 2 rounds, during which you can switch to other output selections via a click on the tail switch.
and the output selections you will switch into depends on which blink you click the tail switch.
1st blink: Medium1-High-Turbo
2nd blink: Eco-Low-Medium2
3rd blink: High-Turbo-Strobe
4th blink: SOS-Breath-Beacon
5th blink: To change between output level with and without memory.
Default setting: without memory.